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MAPILab focuses mainly on the development of software for message exchange and team collaboration. Most of their software is intended for MS Exchange Server, MS Outlook, and MS Office. Now MAPILab is Microsoft Certified Partner and one of the largest software vendors on Microsoft Outlook plug-ins market.

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Product List

Actual Contacts for Microsoft Outlook

Add-in for updating your Outlook address book. You can send a message containing a form to the selected contacts. The recipients can update their contact information in your address book by filling out the form.
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Add Contacts Microsoft Outlook

Automatically adds recipient(s) e-mail address(es) to the contacts when you are replying a message and/or sending a new message. Allows to process existing messages.
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Attachments Processor for Microsoft Outlook

Extracts attachments from incoming and outgoing Outlook messages and saves them to the disc. Replaces the extracted attachment with a link or a text file with attachment description.
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Batched Mail for Microsoft Outlook

You can set a maximum number of messages to be sent during an hour. High importance messages can be sent out of turn.
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Duplicate Email Remover for Microsoft Outlook

Allows you to find and delete Outlook duplicate email messages. It can find duplicate e-mails in one or several Outlook folders. The found duplicate messages can be removed, marked, copied or moved to any folder you choose.
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Duplicate Removers Bundle for Outlook

We offer you two plug-ins for removing Outlook duplicates - Duplicates Remover for Outlook and Duplicate Email Remover in a bundle. Get it and save 15% off.
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Duplicates Remover for Microsoft Outlook

Allows you to serch and remove duplicates in contacts, tasks, notes, journal and calendar items (but not emails) in Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server folders. The duplicates can be marked, copied or moved to any folder.
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MAPILab Toolbox for Microsoft Outlook

A set of 18 addins for Outlook that will save a lot of your time. Schedule sending email, Automatically send updated files, autofill To, CC, BCC fields, forward Outlook reminders to your Cell phone and many more..
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Print Tools for Microsoft Outlook

Helps you automatically print incoming and outgoing Outlook messages with attachments without even opening them. Allows you to print messages, tasks, notes, etc. by one click.
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vCard Converter for Microsoft Outlook

You can import any files in the vCard format (.vcf files), save vCard data from the contacts and messages to the contacts or files in the vCard format.
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