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How to verify and update all Outlook contacts at once

Today I would like to bring to your attention 4 Outlook plug-ins that will help you always keep your Outlook contacts up to date, easily add new contacts to the Contacts lists and journal all your contacts with a mouse click. Continue reading


How to auto print Outlook email messages and attachments

Today I suggest you looking at the group of Outlook plug-ins purposed for automating the process of printing out attachments and messages in Microsoft Outlook. Continue reading


Have your Outlook reminders forwarded to mobile phone or e-mail

Today we are going to have a close look at a group of Microsoft Outlook add-ins that can give you a hand in a situation when you need to get access to your Outlook tasks or a calendar, for example you have planned an important meeting or need to make a phone call. But what if you don't have your computer at hand, you are outside of your office? Continue reading


Quick way to schedule recurring email in Outlook

Plug-ins from today's review target those Microsoft Outlook users who really care about sending their email at a certain time. In a minute I will tell you about 4 plug-ins that ensure a full control over scheduling outgoing e-mail. Continue reading


Save time spent on writing your email. Use Outlook text templates

Undoubtedly, it's not the best way out to write over and over again the same e-mail messages with tiny differences. The add-ins from this review will help you quickly create, manage and use templates for most frequent tasks in your e-mail correspondence. Continue reading


Make your Outlook e-mail newsletters more personal

And if you are seriously musing on improving the quality of your communication, there is one small niche in which something is already done for you. It may interest those for whom Microsoft Outlook has become an indispensable assistant at work or at home. Continue reading


Quick way to update Excel links, repair broken links

The add-ins brought to your attention in this review are purposed for solving the complex task of searching for links, checking their validity and giving you a helping hand in case something goes wrong. Continue reading


4 plug-ins for quick backup of Outlook e-mail messages, files, contacts, address book

Ask your friends if they lost any important data at least once. Do you think how many of them will answer "no, never"? And how many of those who never lost (if there are any) will say that they didn't make any efforts to protect their data? I can bet there will be none. Continue reading


Easy way to manage email attachments – reduce the Outlook PST file size

Today we are going to review a group of add-ins purposed for automating the work with Microsoft Outlook attachments. Such solutions may be useful mostly for those who send and receive lots of various attachments on a daily basis. Continue reading


RSS readers for Outlook – quick way to read RSS feeds

For many of us it has become a customary practice to start a day with reading world's latest news. I believe this tradition in some form or other has been with us since the earliest days of newspapers. In our today's review we will focus on tools that can help you keep track of the all kinds of news. I'm speaking about RSS feed readers for Microsoft Outlook. Continue reading

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