Imports / exports vCard (vcf) files

vCard Converter for Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013-2003


Whenever you need to send or receive contacts, the easiest way to go is using the vCard file format. You need a tool that can convert the files to and from the vCard format automatically.


You will find vCard Converter tool useful each time you get vCard files you need to import to your address book. It will also make the task of exporting Outlook Contact data to vCard a breath. Since different e-mail clients support this format to store contact data, it will be much easier for you to share contacts. You can be sure your recipients will always have your latest address details.

vCard Converter: Imports / exports vCard (vcf) files.

VCard Converter plugin has the following key features

  • Take information from the files formatted as vCard to your Outlook contacts
  • Transform your Outlook address book information to the vCard file format
  • Work with multiple contacts at the same time


You can get this plug-in as a part of the MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook - 18 plugins in one: e-mail scheduler, v-card converter, reminder, autofill, etc.

How vCard Converter works

First off, please verify that the Converter tool is turned on.

After installing the MAPILab Toolbox, open Outlook, navigate to "Tools" → "MAPILab Toolbox" → "Options" and check whether the "vCard Converter" checkbox is ticked.

VCard Converter comes with several standard rules that you can use straight away to process vCard-formatted contacts. Of course, you can add custom rules if any action you need is missing.

Take a look at a standard task of transforming information in your address book to a .VCF file type to send it via e-mail afterwards. Once you know what Outlook contact folder you need to export to vCard file, right-click on it, and choose the respective vCard Converter add-in option. The tool will prompt a name for the new file, convert all the contacts, and save them in a VCF file.

Converting Outlook contacts to vCard in progress

Feel free to use this file to send the contacts.

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