Merging data in Excel worksheets

For Microsoft Excel 2013 (32 and 64-bit), 2010 (32 and 64-bit), 2007, 2003

All add-ins for combining data from several Excel tables, workbooks, or cells.
Merge matching data from lookup Excel table to main one.

Merge Tables Wizard for Excel

This add-in can swiftly merge matching data from two Microsoft Excel tables with any number of columns and rows..

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Consolidate Worksheets Wizard for Excel.

Consolidate Worksheets Wizard for Excel

With Consolidate Worksheets Wizard you can easily combine multiple worksheets into one or merge several workbooks and csv files without opening them, create summary reports, copy multiple worksheets to one large table, consolidate worksheets by name and more..

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Merge cells in Excel by row, column or all into one keeping all data.

Merge Cells Wizard for Excel

With this add-in you can easily merge Microsoft Excel cells values, columns and rows. You can place data from several cells into one cell or combine several cells keeping all their values..

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Duplicate rows easily merged into one Excel record.

Combine Rows Wizard for Excel

Merge data from duplicate rows into one based on the selected key columns in Excel 2016-2007. Combine all entries or join unique data only, skipping duplications and empty cells. Choose a different delimiter for each column you want to merge..

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